Can we get married next week?

No, The Notice of Intended Marriage form has (by law) to be completed 1 month prior to the wedding.

Can we have a cultural slant to our ceremony?

Absolutely I marry lots of couples from different cultures and include this in the ceremony.

Does my Dad have to walk me down the aisle?

No, mostly Dads do, However anyone can – Mums, siblings, Step Dads etc.

Do we need to have any readings during the ceremony?

Strictly speaking no, however its better to have a least two readings in the ceremony to give it some length (about 30 minutes).

Do the rings have to come from the best man?

No they can be presented by Mums, kids someone important to you, even your dog!

How do we get our official Wedding certificate?

The first business day after the Wedding I send all the legal paperwork to Births, Deaths and Marriages. After about two weeks you contact them and they will send it out to you.

Can it be informal and fun?

Sure the secret to a Naming Day is for you to be happy and comfortable with format.

Do we mention his or her brother or sister?

Yes in most ceremonies there is a section to recognise brothers and sisters.

What suggestions do you have for the conclusion of the ceremony?

In the past the kids have let balloons go or put painted hand prints on a canvas with the child s name on it. We also make a fuss of the presentation of the certificate.

Do we have to have any religious references?

No not at all its totally up to us to design it the way you want it to be.

Do we have to close the curtain at the end of the service?

No we can find alternatives to closing the curtains.

Can we make parts of the service light hearted, given they would have liked it that way?

Absolutely celebrating the life of someone is all about remembering the good times and the fun you had together.

Who normally does the Eulogy?

Normally a family member or close friend or I can do it on your behalf.

What if I cry too much and can’t finish the eulogy?

Normally a family member or close friend or I can do it on your behalf.

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